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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Photo Tuesday - Futuristic CGI city

Joining the ranks of "Cartoon Wednesday" and "Funny Thursday" its Photo Tuesday. The funny name would have sounded better with Thursday, again, but there is only one of those every week.

Anywho, this photo I found on Stumble Upon and it should be shared. Click it to enlarge.

Amazing GCI photo
Although its not HDR, it is CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) it is still cool.

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Monday, May 7, 2007

The Best HDR Images

I spend a lot of time on the web and one of my main interests is finding and using HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. For people with out the know how these are images with even more colour values than normal images. For more information check out here.These are in no particular order but each deserve a mention.

To see the full version just click on the image.

Boat HDRThis is one of my favourite. Simply because the reflections in the water look amazing.

Statues HDRThe colours on the silver balls look amazing. As well as the depth of colour on the statues, really stands out.
This is my favourite HDR image. The colour on both the hat and background are brilliant. Reminds me of when I went to Disney World.

Tower of Terror HDRAnother HDR image form Disney World. This is one of the best simply because of the amazing detail at the top of the tower. The purples and blues are so awesome.

Not the most realistic image but it can show you what you can do with a HDR. The colours in this are amazing.

Quite an old HDR image, but amazing none of the less.

A verf eerie image. Probably one of the best i've seen. In the full version look at the man in the bottom left corner.

You wouldn't believe this was a HDR image. Amazing the amount of life this dark image has in it.
This image is from Tokyo. Love the colours.

HDRAnother awsome image. Looks like its CGI.

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