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New Calender

iCal Icon Red June 5th 2007 Hey

This is just a not to say that I have created a calender to keep you updated with all the going on of The Powell Blog.

You can subscribe to the calender here.


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New Dates


You will notice from now the the text date has disappeared from the top of the post and has been replaced by the cool iCal image opposite.

You can view this post if you want to download the pack. Of course the dates have disappeared, which is a slight problem, but never mind.

Have fun.

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Frustration Friday

Its time for frustration Friday, what has got up my nerves this week.

  • How short the holidays are
  • Revision
  • Windows
  • Steam being slow
  • Slow internet connection
Hopefully this will improve over the next coming weeks.

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Quick Tip - Mac - Changing File Assosications


I'm new to Mac at the moment and learning all the time about the new operating system. The section will be given quick tips on speeding up your life. This feature will appear every now and again depending on what I find. This weak associations.

Change file associations (default opener)

Often times you might find that one or more files open with a undesirable program. Many people have come to me asking how exactly one goes about changing this. Here is the basic and easy way:

Find the program you want in the finder (or perhaps it's on the desktop). Ctrl+click the file so that the menu comes up, and click on "Get Info". In the window that comes up, go to the "Open With" section. Change the (default) to whichever program you'd like the file association to open with, and then click "Change All".Hope that helps. Peace Out.

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The 6 Types of Bloggers

The "new" craze on the Internet is blogging. I say craze because every one seem to be doing it, old people, young people, even babies. From my experience there are many times of bloggers in the world.

1) The Spam Blogger

This blogger is not really a blogger. He or she sets up a website with the sole interest in putting up adverts and non sensical adverts, all for the better of generating a little profit at the expense of annoying many people. This people should not be called bloggers. There blogs are known as splogs.

2) The Post Hundreds Of Articles A Day Blogger

This type of blogger no one cares about. He or she posts hundreds of times a day with nonsense relating to what they watched 5 minutes ago on TV. Now only likes your blog, go away.

3) The One Post Blogger

This blogger sets up a blog an only posts to it once. Clearly they thought blogging was to hard and gave up with out trying.

4) The Serious Blogger

These bloggers are some of the worst on the interwebs. Post only about really serious topics that only 0.0001% of the world cares about and gets really upset when people don't like their blog.

5) The True Blogger

This person was born to blog. He or she regularly updates with good honest content which is fits for every ones eyes.

6) The "Hey I Got A Blog" Blogger

This blogger is usually on par with MySpace. His or her blog has to contain every colour is the CSS colour chart. Usually mixes with the number 2 or 3 on this list.

Well folks that's all I can think of right now. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your day.

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Frustration Friday

Its Friday again and it is time te vent my frustration. This week I am frustrated about.

  • Lack of time
  • Exams
  • More exams
  • Rubbish weather
  • Slow computer
  • Laggy Counter Strike
  • My Macbook Pro and arriving quick enough
  • School
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Why Don't Bittorrent Trackers Use IP Blocklist


As I looked at all the lawsuits that seemed to be brought against people for sharing information on Bittorrent and other P2P networks. I was wondering why Bittorrent trackers don't use IP blocking.

For example, Peer Guardian offers a program that blocks IP addresses from connecting to your computer and vice versa. As well as this I also know that Bittorrent trackers have the ability to block IP's for various reasons (Eg, Bad Seeding, Bad Upload ratio etc). How come then these trackers don't implement the Peer Guardian block list into the tracker. This would stop people IP addresses being snooped in alleged file sharing scandals. As the snooper could not connect to the tracker network. This could solve the problem.

Of course this would just create a round robin of different IP to add to the tracker that these companies use, as well as this it would probably put tremendous strain on the tracker as it would have to manage every IP address. There would probably be a limit as well.

End note: I do not support illegal file sharing, this was just an idea that popped into my head.

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You Know You Use Firefox To Much When?

I love FireFox, I use it all the time. If you don't have FireFox and want to download it, use the link on the left.

You Know When You Use FireFox To Much When?

1) You get nervous and shaky when using another browser.
2) You Hot key the application to a button on your mouse.
3) You have all the major extensions, plus loads of smaller ones.

FireFox addons

Click to Enlarge

4) You have loads of grease monkey scripts.
5) FireFox takes up a gorge of memory even after its been optimised.

Firefox memory
Click to Enlarge

6) You know all the inputs for the "about:config"
7) Your favourite add on has to fight for screen space.
8) You have installed the top 10 addon's.
9) You spend all you time using FireFox.

10) You feel good inside when FireFox claims more use on the Internet.
11) You feel like crying when Internet Explore gains more market share.
12) You have set your desktop background to the FireFox logo.
13) You use the FireFox logo on a credit card.

firefox credit cardClick to Enlarge

14) You recommend FireFox to people even when they already have it installed.
15) The FireFox website is your homepage.

If you wloud like to use FireFox please use the link on the left.

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New Website


I've created this new site Adsense Hacks. Currently its in the basic development stage although it should provide good tips and hints at getting the best out of Adsense. I will be updated frequently so check it out.

Adsense Hacks

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Frustration Friday

It that time of week again. Things that are frustrating this week.

  1. The lack of time to revise
  2. Revison
  3. Slow Computer
  4. Borimg TV
  5. Slow internet connection

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Improvements to Google Adsense

We all know that Google Adsense is the bees knees, but there is always room for improvement. I've been using Adsense for not very long and would like to suggest some ideas to make Google Adsense better than it already is.

1) Reports That Tell You How Many Invalid Clicks.

Although this might not be the biggest of problems for most people it is just nice to know. For example there are days when i've had clicks and not earned that much. How many were invalid? I don't know.

2) A Report That Tells You How Much You Earned per 1000 Page Views

Some advertisers on the network also/only pay every time there has been 1000 page views of that particular advert on your site. This improvement would make it slight better in working out how much you have earned from these advertisements.

3) An Auto Rotate of Colour Palettes

This improvement would automatically cycle the Adsense adverts between different colour palettes. This could be done every time a visitor refreshes your page or every hour, day etc. This would save time manually changing the colours.
I do no that you could program that in a Javascript of different Adsense code layouts to auto rotate, but this could be done with out the need to learn how to do that.

4) Auto Rotate of Ad units

Very similar to the previous improvement but Google Adsense auto rotates between adverts. For example button and large box. Saves you doing it manually.

5) Automatic Notification of New Sites

This is more of a warning than any thing else. All it would do is tell you in either Adsense or by an E-mail that it has picked your adverts on another site. Save you being caught with questionable content that wasn't yours.

6) The Saving of Preset Designs

Similar to the palette feature but this time saves your colours and Ad unit styles. Quick and easy access, rather than going through the wizard.

7) Graphs

In the same style of the new Google Analytics but used in Adsense, the simple reason that reports have all this data but no way to graph it. You could do it in Excel or similar but that involves a different process. As well as this a little interface boost would always look good.

If you would like to try Adsense there is a link on the left. That will take you directly to the sign up page.

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Are you a "Wilfer"

Are you a "Wilfer"?

A wilf stands for "What was I looking for?" which basically means the process of going online and getting distracted. For example you go online, log in, and get distracted vistiting different links on different pages totally unrelated to the content you were looking for. Most of the time people end up on Wikipedia.
A Scottish poll (YouGov) claims that more than 60% of the Scottish admit to browsing aimlessly online. That's a lot of time and productivity wasted.

So the warning is stay focused. Or you could end up being sucked into the time wasting vortex or the Internet.

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New Domain

Hey Hey

Ive got a new domain today. Its so cool. There are new things happeneing to the Powell blog.

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Frustration Fridays

Things that are frustrating this week.

  1. Amount of coursework
  2. Revision (or lack of)
  3. The stupenious amount of time it takes to transfer 100Gbs of data.
  4. My poor spelling
  5. My poor grammar
  6. Not having a well paying job
  7. The time it takes Windows to load
  8. Time it takes any applications to load
  9. iTunes being slow to play a shuffle
  10. Firefox slow to load
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Drawing Yourself As A Cartoon Character - Photoshop

This is a Photoshop tutorial in how to draw yourself as a cartoon character.

First things first, open Photoshop. I'm using Photoshop CS2. Find a suitable photo with you or any ones face as the main element of the page. Set this as the background layer.

Click on any picture for the full versions.

The next step is to add layers for each individual element of the drawing. For example the first layer should be outline. This should go at the top.

The next step is to add the outline. I used a 9 pixel soft brush. Use this to go round the main part of your head as shown.

The best method is a nice smooth line going around the edge.

The next step is to add the smaller inner lines to the main parts of your face. I used a 5 pixel soft brush.
The final outline should look like the image below. The black parts, the eyes and the nostrils should be filled in.
One of the best methods to make a good image is to have good layers. Each element such as hair, eyes, outline should be a new layer.

The next step is to colour your face. Start with the lowest element on the image, and work upwards. To get the colour of your skin take a 5 x 5 point sample. This would get the average colour of skin.

Then using a big solid brush and colour the whole layer in. Make sure you a colouring on a now layer.
The next step is to add a subtle highlight some shadows. Use both a combination of a darker/lighter skin tone, with a transparent soft brush. And the burn/dodge tool. Follow the main areas. Keep switching to your original photo for references.

The next steps are to colour in the other areas of your face. I started with lips.

After this i did the eyes. It really doesn't matter what order you do the features in. Just make sure you cover the whole area. A good tip is to hide your original layer. Any missing bits will show through.
Its starting to look better already. Don't you think the eyes really bring a picture to life.

The final step is to move on to your hair. Use the 5x5 point sample to take the average hair colour value. Apply subtle highlights and shadows to bring the picture to life.
Looking good. Finally add a t-shirt (which you can do at the beginning, I just forgot) and colour appropriately.
The final step is to add a background. On a new layer a circle in a "calm" colour. Blue works well.

Flatten and save and you have yourself drawn and inked in Photoshop.

Please leave a comment with links to your Photoshop creations.

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The Powell Blog Button


I was messing about with paint this morning creating some images and I created this small button which can be used to show your support for The Powell Blog.

It is in .jpg form, spread to your hearts content. There may be more to come.

Have fun.

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Things That Frustrate Me

Today has been so annoying. here are a couple of things that have annoyed me:

  1. - People that use pink fonts in their msn messages.
  2. - Disk slow to format.
  3. - Not being able to Dvorak layout to type quick enough.
  4. - Keyboard short cuts not the same in every program.
  5. - Windows. Just…Windows.
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The First Post

This is just a first post to get things off the ground. At the moment I am busy changing the layout and making sure everything looks right.

Stay Tuned.

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