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Can A Blog Post Have To Many Labels

iCal Icon June 4thHey

I was wondering about it earlier but can a blog have to many labels to choose from when post. For example check out the image below to the amount of labels I can pick when writing about a post, and this grows every day.

The problems with this is that having to many labels is unnecessary. For example a post on wallpapers could come under:

  • Wallpapers
  • Design
  • Pictures
  • Computer
  • Cool
  • Download
  • Image
  • Widescreen
  • Monitor
So on and so forth.
Originally the idea behind labels was to categorize posts into general areas. This is so existing users can quickly find specific posts. The disadvantage of having so many is that it can be hard to find the exact label a post may have, as well as this later on in the blogs life there may be so many labels that the author misses a category. Problematic if users rely on labels to navigate.

But, there is some advantage of using so many labels. In particular to search engine optimization (SEO). If all downloads have the download label, when a search engine is crawling the site, it will pick up that a post is linked to downloads, reinforcing links and bonds to search engine criteria.

Of course it is up to the blog owner if a post contains a million labels or just two, but there are advantages and disadvantages of both.
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New Dates


You will notice from now the the text date has disappeared from the top of the post and has been replaced by the cool iCal image opposite.

You can view this post if you want to download the pack. Of course the dates have disappeared, which is a slight problem, but never mind.

Have fun.

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Getting a Free Rapidshare Premium Account

You may no of the service Rapidshare and the amount of files, that they host on there servers. This service like nearly every free service has limitations. This time its is the amount you have to wait between downloads. Of course buying a premium account would solve this problem, but there is a free alternative to getting a one month account at Rapidshare.

For this you will need

  1. Attractive collection of files to download (Hopefully legal)
  2. A high speed broadband connection (Saving time uploading)
  3. Spare time
  4. Patience
If you are ready lets begin.

1) The first step is to go to and upload a file.

It can be any file, its just to get you going.

2) You now need to create an account, this will keep track of all your uploads and points.

3) Login and start uploading. On the login page remove "German Administration" otherwise it would be in German.

4) Begin by uploading files that people will want to download. Wallpapers, videos, etc.

Note: Files must be larger than 1Mb, and to gain the free point the downloader must be a free downloader and not have created more than 5 points in the last hour. This was implemented to stop "big" organizations uploading hundreds of small files and rapidly downloading them on a super fast connection.

5) Spread links to your files on the internet and to friends and family.

6) After you have amassed 10000 points you can then convert them into a free account. Not bad going.

Tip: Continue uploading and spreading the files to people, the more people download the more points you get for your free account.
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Frustration Friday

Its time for frustration Friday, what has got up my nerves this week.

  • How short the holidays are
  • Revision
  • Windows
  • Steam being slow
  • Slow internet connection
Hopefully this will improve over the next coming weeks.

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FREE Steam games for all ATI Radeon card users

Valve has Informed Strategy Informer about their plans to deliver free games to all owners of ATI RadeonT graphics cards via Steam, a popular platform for the distribution and management of digital content.

Visit to see if you qualify and download you free game.

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Quick Tip - Mac - Changing File Assosications


I'm new to Mac at the moment and learning all the time about the new operating system. The section will be given quick tips on speeding up your life. This feature will appear every now and again depending on what I find. This weak associations.

Change file associations (default opener)

Often times you might find that one or more files open with a undesirable program. Many people have come to me asking how exactly one goes about changing this. Here is the basic and easy way:

Find the program you want in the finder (or perhaps it's on the desktop). Ctrl+click the file so that the menu comes up, and click on "Get Info". In the window that comes up, go to the "Open With" section. Change the (default) to whichever program you'd like the file association to open with, and then click "Change All".Hope that helps. Peace Out.

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The 6 Types of Bloggers

The "new" craze on the Internet is blogging. I say craze because every one seem to be doing it, old people, young people, even babies. From my experience there are many times of bloggers in the world.

1) The Spam Blogger

This blogger is not really a blogger. He or she sets up a website with the sole interest in putting up adverts and non sensical adverts, all for the better of generating a little profit at the expense of annoying many people. This people should not be called bloggers. There blogs are known as splogs.

2) The Post Hundreds Of Articles A Day Blogger

This type of blogger no one cares about. He or she posts hundreds of times a day with nonsense relating to what they watched 5 minutes ago on TV. Now only likes your blog, go away.

3) The One Post Blogger

This blogger sets up a blog an only posts to it once. Clearly they thought blogging was to hard and gave up with out trying.

4) The Serious Blogger

These bloggers are some of the worst on the interwebs. Post only about really serious topics that only 0.0001% of the world cares about and gets really upset when people don't like their blog.

5) The True Blogger

This person was born to blog. He or she regularly updates with good honest content which is fits for every ones eyes.

6) The "Hey I Got A Blog" Blogger

This blogger is usually on par with MySpace. His or her blog has to contain every colour is the CSS colour chart. Usually mixes with the number 2 or 3 on this list.

Well folks that's all I can think of right now. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your day.

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New Website


I've created this new site Adsense Hacks. Currently its in the basic development stage although it should provide good tips and hints at getting the best out of Adsense. I will be updated frequently so check it out.

Adsense Hacks

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Are you a "Wilfer"

Are you a "Wilfer"?

A wilf stands for "What was I looking for?" which basically means the process of going online and getting distracted. For example you go online, log in, and get distracted vistiting different links on different pages totally unrelated to the content you were looking for. Most of the time people end up on Wikipedia.
A Scottish poll (YouGov) claims that more than 60% of the Scottish admit to browsing aimlessly online. That's a lot of time and productivity wasted.

So the warning is stay focused. Or you could end up being sucked into the time wasting vortex or the Internet.

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The Powell Blog Button


I was messing about with paint this morning creating some images and I created this small button which can be used to show your support for The Powell Blog.

It is in .jpg form, spread to your hearts content. There may be more to come.

Have fun.

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The First Post

This is just a first post to get things off the ground. At the moment I am busy changing the layout and making sure everything looks right.

Stay Tuned.

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