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Frustration Friday

iCal IconHey

Things can be very frustrating at the end of the week. Heres what i'm frustrated about.

  • The amount of universities
  • The amount of choice
  • Traffic
  • Slow buses
  • Hard school work
  • Lots of school work
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Frustration Friday

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Its the end of the week, and it is time for frustration Friday. This week I have been frustrated about:

  • The weather, all it seems to do is rain.
  • The lack of computer games for my Mac.
  • Not earning enough through Adsense.
  • The weather, again.
  • Not having enough money.
Hopefully over the next week the weather will improve, till next time. Read More......

Frustration Friday

Frustration FridayHey

This week has been a bit mellow, not much has happened, but as usual very is somethings that are frustrating. This includes.

  • Slow internet connection, when will fiber come out.
  • Not enough ad revenue
  • Visual basic not playing ball.
  • The density of some people. People don't no how to think properly
  • Visual Basic
  • Thinking

  • Spaces in lists
  • Incorrect speling erors, big mistak
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Frustration Friday

Its time for frustration Friday, what has got up my nerves this week.

  • How short the holidays are
  • Revision
  • Windows
  • Steam being slow
  • Slow internet connection
Hopefully this will improve over the next coming weeks.

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Frustration Friday

Its Friday again and its time for frustration Friday.

  • Having to use Windows for the smallest of tasks
  • Not having enough disks space
Well i'm not very frustrated this week. Peace out. Read More......

The Real Reason The RIAA Sucks - Its Run By a Women

Every one has heard of the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) knows that it is not the best organisation in tho world. All it seems to do is sue people for sharing music that they probably never owned or heard of. Well it may come as a shock to you but the organisation is run by a women.

The president of the RIAA is Hilary Rosen. This is more trouble than it worth. For example
Sir Patrick Moore said in this article, that "British TV standards are deteriorating because the BBC is "run by women"". Would the RIAA be different if it was run by a man. Would unnecessary lawsuits disappear and instead they would focus and getting music to users instead of tightening DRM measures and making it more and more restrictive. We would have to wonder.

Now I am all for women in power but I do think that they may not always bring the best views to the table. If you would like to share your views please leave a comment.

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Frustration Friday

Its Friday again and it is time te vent my frustration. This week I am frustrated about.

  • Lack of time
  • Exams
  • More exams
  • Rubbish weather
  • Slow computer
  • Laggy Counter Strike
  • My Macbook Pro and arriving quick enough
  • School
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You Know You Use Firefox To Much When?

I love FireFox, I use it all the time. If you don't have FireFox and want to download it, use the link on the left.

You Know When You Use FireFox To Much When?

1) You get nervous and shaky when using another browser.
2) You Hot key the application to a button on your mouse.
3) You have all the major extensions, plus loads of smaller ones.

FireFox addons

Click to Enlarge

4) You have loads of grease monkey scripts.
5) FireFox takes up a gorge of memory even after its been optimised.

Firefox memory
Click to Enlarge

6) You know all the inputs for the "about:config"
7) Your favourite add on has to fight for screen space.
8) You have installed the top 10 addon's.
9) You spend all you time using FireFox.

10) You feel good inside when FireFox claims more use on the Internet.
11) You feel like crying when Internet Explore gains more market share.
12) You have set your desktop background to the FireFox logo.
13) You use the FireFox logo on a credit card.

firefox credit cardClick to Enlarge

14) You recommend FireFox to people even when they already have it installed.
15) The FireFox website is your homepage.

If you wloud like to use FireFox please use the link on the left.

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Frustration Friday

It that time of week again. Things that are frustrating this week.

  1. The lack of time to revise
  2. Revison
  3. Slow Computer
  4. Borimg TV
  5. Slow internet connection

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Frustration Fridays

Things that are frustrating this week.

  1. Amount of coursework
  2. Revision (or lack of)
  3. The stupenious amount of time it takes to transfer 100Gbs of data.
  4. My poor spelling
  5. My poor grammar
  6. Not having a well paying job
  7. The time it takes Windows to load
  8. Time it takes any applications to load
  9. iTunes being slow to play a shuffle
  10. Firefox slow to load
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Frustration Friday


I think I might make this a regular occurrence, i always seem frustrated on Fridays.

  1. FireFox taking to much RAM
  2. Not having enough RAM
  3. Slipping deadlines
  4. AdSense not showing up after then end of posts
  5. Blogger slooow to load
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Things That Frustrate Me

Today has been so annoying. here are a couple of things that have annoyed me:

  1. - People that use pink fonts in their msn messages.
  2. - Disk slow to format.
  3. - Not being able to Dvorak layout to type quick enough.
  4. - Keyboard short cuts not the same in every program.
  5. - Windows. Just…Windows.
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