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Poor Design - Funny Thursday

iCal IconHey

Don't you get the feeling sometimes that people are just being plain stupid when the problem they are trying to solve is staring them in the face. Clearly theses people weren't plugged in properly.

Design Problems Stairs

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Creating a Business Card - Photoshop

iCal iconIt has been a long while since I have done a tutorial on this website, most of the time I post them on Great Designs. But for a change I am going to post it here.

There is a lot of thought going into business cards, and some companies spend a lot of money designing and producing business cards.

"The business card... is kind of an extension of yourself. It's a little bit of giving yourself to someone else."
— Ken Erdman, founder of the Business Card Museum, Erenheim, PA

To make your card as good as possible, this tutorial will lead you through the steps.

Step 1)

The first step is to set up your business card so it is the correct size. The most common is 85 x 53 millimeters, you can change this to what ever size you want or need. The screen shot (as with all the screen shots) can be clicked on to see the full version. Although this was done with a Mac, on Photoshop. It can be achieved with any kind of graphical design software on any platform.

Creating a business card photoshop tutorialRemember to suitably name and save you card, before you begin.

Step 2)

Add some text to the page, below I used Trebuchet MS, all though you could use any font you want, just make it so you can read it.

Creating a business card photoshop tutorialI changed the spacing and layout of the font, as the characters and text was closer to together, this looked a lot better as it was more compact and fitted better onto the page.

Creating a business card photoshop tutorial
Step 3)

Change the colour of the main font. It wants to be a colour which you like and use, and a colour scheme which can run through out the business card. It does not look good if you have 4 or 5 contrasting colours on your card.

Creating a business card photoshop tutorialI used colour #9fc9eb a light coloured blue, which I thourght was fitting for my business card.

Step 4)

Add some extra information, such as company, address, telephone number or website. The main title is in black with the extra text in grey.

Creating a business card photoshop tutorialI was originally going to add my address, but I didn't want this parading around on the internet. So I added some text about my blog that I made up.

Step 5)

One of the defining points about the modern day internet is the bevel and text reflection. This little addition would bring the card more to life.

By adding a drop shadow by double clicking the layer in Photoshop, a bevel / highlight can be added. A shadow was not used as it didn't look right on the text. Customize the levels and features as you deem necessary.

Creating a business card photoshop tutorialStep 6 )

This step was for the text reflection where the text is copied and flipped underneath the existing text. Simply create a new layer add the text and flip vertically ( or horizontally I can never remember which.)

Creating a business card photoshop tutorialStep 7)

The next step is to add a layer mask and subsequently a gradient to remove the bits of text we don't need. Again, mes around with the values to create an effect you want.

Creating a business card photoshop tutorialThe opacity of the layer mask is lower than 100% so it doesn't stand out to much. The final card is shown at the end.

Step 8 )

The next step is to create the back of the card. Most people don't like information on the back because they can't write on it. I don't plan to hand these out any time soon, so i'm going to go a head with adding some text, you can change it as you see fit.

Creating a business card photoshop tutorialThis is known as a text or tag cloud. This uses the same font as the text for the name on the front of the card. The colour is again the same used.

Step 9)

Once you have added some text that best sums up you or your company, change the size in relation to its importance.

Creating a business card photoshop tutorialStep 10)

Arrange the words and scale as necessary to gain a good looking result.

CreatingStep 11)

Flatten and export. You now have a cool Web 2.0 looking business card.
Creating a business card photoshop tutorial
Creating a business card photoshop tutorial
Please leave a comment with your creations.

If you want to download the .PSD files to use please go here.
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Photo Tuesday - Octocube

iCal icon red June 5th 2007Hey

This weeks cool photo for Tuesday is actually a radiator. Designed for a competition. The product looks really cool. I wouldn't mind having one.
Click the image for the super duper full version.

Octocube amazing cool design of a radiator

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New Dates


You will notice from now the the text date has disappeared from the top of the post and has been replaced by the cool iCal image opposite.

You can view this post if you want to download the pack. Of course the dates have disappeared, which is a slight problem, but never mind.

Have fun.

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Apple Front Row Improvements

For any one that has a Portable Mac, or iMac you will be familiar with Front Row. The application gives a cool interface for finding and playing, music, videos and pictures. But there if always room for improvements. Click any of the images for there full glorified version.

1) Responsiveness

The application works great but it is always a little slow to respond. For example you click on a play list and it would take ages to load. This may be down to my computer but is probably apparent on other computers. As well as this you click the menu button to move up a menu, this may take a while to respond, so you click it again. The problem now is that you have moved to far up.

Improving the response time would greatly improve the user interaction of the application.

2) Improving Video Trailers

There is a small feature of the Video section of Front Row that gives you access to trailers on the Apple website. This is great by itself, but could be improved.
For example more trailers could be added in different resolutions, I have a wide screen monitor that can accept 720p video, why not stream that format to me. As well as this why not offer trailers from different websites.

3) Youtube

Currently youtube is not an added feature of Front Row, but it is for AppleTV. Having Youtube would a cool improvement to mess about with.

4) iTunes Album Art

Currently when and iTunes file plays in the music section the album art and text stay in the same place, as shown in the image below. Just making the album art move around the page, would make it look a bit more interesting, if not so similar to the improvement listed above.

6) Playing None Quicktime Movies

That is probably one of the main downsides to Front Row, its inability to play movies from other formats. You could overcome this by manually installing all of the quicktime library components, but why couldn't this be standard.

7) DVD Improvements

The DVD feature of Front Row is good, but it could be better. For example it would be cool if there was some kind of movie curtains which move out of the way as the video begins to play. Similar to the what happens at the cinema now. Although this improvements doesn't actually make the application better in terms of functionality it would be cool to look at.

Now I know that this list can be improved and added to, if you have any comments please leave them in the comments section below.

Hopefully Apple will take this advice and add it to the latest Front Row update, but I seriously doubt it.
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Photo Tuesday - Rain Drops

Its Tuesday again and its time I bring you a cool photo which you can use for your desktop. This weeks its the turn of Rain Drops.

Click for Fullsize

If you want to download more wallpapers check out this post.
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