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Is Moderating Blog Comments Censorship? Is This Wrong?

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As a blog owner I get a couple of comments a week and I have the chance to moderate them for spam and so on. But is moderating comments and rejecting them because they contain things that the owner doesn't like a poor choice for a blog owner. Most blogs are there for as a part of free speech many people see them as a great tool to get there word out. But does moderating comments go against this rule.

For example an article may be about the health of America (a big topic at this time) as the owner moderates the comments that are made he or she can remove the comments which oppose the article or the author, removing these would go against the free speech rule.

What I am trying to get at here is that people go on and on and on about free speech on the internet, but people do seem to go against this rule and remove some comments.

Now I now not all authors do this, but some of the smaller blogs have been doing this. Due to the apparent amount of "good" comments. Not every person on the internet must do this, just look at some of the comments on Digg.

The only reason I can see moderation as a useful tool is to remove spam comments but these are easy to weed out.

Just a thought.

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Can A Blog Post Have To Many Labels

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I was wondering about it earlier but can a blog have to many labels to choose from when post. For example check out the image below to the amount of labels I can pick when writing about a post, and this grows every day.

The problems with this is that having to many labels is unnecessary. For example a post on wallpapers could come under:

  • Wallpapers
  • Design
  • Pictures
  • Computer
  • Cool
  • Download
  • Image
  • Widescreen
  • Monitor
So on and so forth.
Originally the idea behind labels was to categorize posts into general areas. This is so existing users can quickly find specific posts. The disadvantage of having so many is that it can be hard to find the exact label a post may have, as well as this later on in the blogs life there may be so many labels that the author misses a category. Problematic if users rely on labels to navigate.

But, there is some advantage of using so many labels. In particular to search engine optimization (SEO). If all downloads have the download label, when a search engine is crawling the site, it will pick up that a post is linked to downloads, reinforcing links and bonds to search engine criteria.

Of course it is up to the blog owner if a post contains a million labels or just two, but there are advantages and disadvantages of both.
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How To Get Blog Ideas

iCal Red June 4th 2007You have a blog, but you don't have any ideas which you want to fill your blog with interesting and fulfilling posts to gain visitors and be an internet legend, what do you do? Read on.

One of the first steps is to have a purpose to write about, for example I have Great Design, for all things design. Adsense Hacks, for all things related to Adsense and finally a new and upcoming blog about Apple Mac Tips.

Once you have a clear defined purpose you need ideas to fill out the posts. Start with a pad of post- its and a pen. Have these in clear reach, when you working, walking, driving etc. These are used to jot down all the little thoughts that pop into your head. The must have place is by your bed. Many people forget what the idea they had when in bed, your shouldn't fall into this trap.

How to get Ideas?

What you need to do is day dream. If you have a blog which is about design, you should have plenty ideas about design. Write all the little tidbits down. Most of the time, when you have time to think a little more this idea will come into play.

Other ways of getting ideas to post is when visiting websites. Most of the time you will see a website which has any idea which you could use make better or comment on. Keep this in a separate folder, every couple of days re-visit them. Most of the time people get ideas, and post about that. Its a could way to pick up knowledge.

As I said in the beginning keep a piece of paper or post it handy. They always come in useful when you reviewing whats on them before you put them in the bin. That little word or sentence in the top corner which you wrote ages ago could be one that brings the visitors. Keeping note also helps.
If you are the modern user and have a Mac, stickies is another great option. Most of the time when dashboard is running it is going to be about something I am going to post the next day.

Stickies Dashboard, How to get ideasThe golden rule for this is to keep think and keep blogging, one idea will catch on and people will begin to visit your site.

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The 6 Types of Bloggers

The "new" craze on the Internet is blogging. I say craze because every one seem to be doing it, old people, young people, even babies. From my experience there are many times of bloggers in the world.

1) The Spam Blogger

This blogger is not really a blogger. He or she sets up a website with the sole interest in putting up adverts and non sensical adverts, all for the better of generating a little profit at the expense of annoying many people. This people should not be called bloggers. There blogs are known as splogs.

2) The Post Hundreds Of Articles A Day Blogger

This type of blogger no one cares about. He or she posts hundreds of times a day with nonsense relating to what they watched 5 minutes ago on TV. Now only likes your blog, go away.

3) The One Post Blogger

This blogger sets up a blog an only posts to it once. Clearly they thought blogging was to hard and gave up with out trying.

4) The Serious Blogger

These bloggers are some of the worst on the interwebs. Post only about really serious topics that only 0.0001% of the world cares about and gets really upset when people don't like their blog.

5) The True Blogger

This person was born to blog. He or she regularly updates with good honest content which is fits for every ones eyes.

6) The "Hey I Got A Blog" Blogger

This blogger is usually on par with MySpace. His or her blog has to contain every colour is the CSS colour chart. Usually mixes with the number 2 or 3 on this list.

Well folks that's all I can think of right now. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your day.

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