Is Moderating Blog Comments Censorship? Is This Wrong?

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As a blog owner I get a couple of comments a week and I have the chance to moderate them for spam and so on. But is moderating comments and rejecting them because they contain things that the owner doesn't like a poor choice for a blog owner. Most blogs are there for as a part of free speech many people see them as a great tool to get there word out. But does moderating comments go against this rule.

For example an article may be about the health of America (a big topic at this time) as the owner moderates the comments that are made he or she can remove the comments which oppose the article or the author, removing these would go against the free speech rule.

What I am trying to get at here is that people go on and on and on about free speech on the internet, but people do seem to go against this rule and remove some comments.

Now I now not all authors do this, but some of the smaller blogs have been doing this. Due to the apparent amount of "good" comments. Not every person on the internet must do this, just look at some of the comments on Digg.

The only reason I can see moderation as a useful tool is to remove spam comments but these are easy to weed out.

Just a thought.


Ross Scott said...

YOU have not gotten 500 ads for pharmaceuticals posted on your blog.

I haven't deleted any for criticism on my blog, but on Youtube, I have deleted some that were outright insults. Something like "you suck, fag" I don't see as worth leaving. Whereas I would leave something like "I didn't like this at all. Too slow and almost nothing happened. Just wasn't funny" if you see the difference.

mrdantownsend said...

james powell you look like a god damn cartoon!