Analyze Galaxies In Your Spare Time! I Do.

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When look up at the sky at night there are millions and millions and millions of stars, Galaxies and other space dust floating about in space. We have so much information about space we don't no what to do with it. But there is one small problem. We have so much that we can't classify it all. In specific galaxies. We have computer algorithm's that can sort of classify then but there not very good. The reason for this is that computers cannot find and classify patterns very well but your brain can. So a team made a website to help classify the millions of galaxies out there. Its called Galaxy Zoo.

Analyze Galaxies In Your Spare Time! I Do.
After a brief tutorial and training you have to complete a quick test upon getting 8 out of 15 right you can start classifying galaxies. And it is great fun.

Analyze Galaxies In Your Spare Time! I Do.As you can see its pretty easy to classify a galaxy you just click a button and that its done. As you can see its galaxy number 587,732,771,043,803,317 so there is plenty to go round.

Its really addictive, the hardest part is to stop. You can sign up and start here.