Getting a Free Rapidshare Premium Account

You may no of the service Rapidshare and the amount of files, that they host on there servers. This service like nearly every free service has limitations. This time its is the amount you have to wait between downloads. Of course buying a premium account would solve this problem, but there is a free alternative to getting a one month account at Rapidshare.

For this you will need

  1. Attractive collection of files to download (Hopefully legal)
  2. A high speed broadband connection (Saving time uploading)
  3. Spare time
  4. Patience
If you are ready lets begin.

1) The first step is to go to and upload a file.

It can be any file, its just to get you going.

2) You now need to create an account, this will keep track of all your uploads and points.

3) Login and start uploading. On the login page remove "German Administration" otherwise it would be in German.

4) Begin by uploading files that people will want to download. Wallpapers, videos, etc.

Note: Files must be larger than 1Mb, and to gain the free point the downloader must be a free downloader and not have created more than 5 points in the last hour. This was implemented to stop "big" organizations uploading hundreds of small files and rapidly downloading them on a super fast connection.

5) Spread links to your files on the internet and to friends and family.

6) After you have amassed 10000 points you can then convert them into a free account. Not bad going.

Tip: Continue uploading and spreading the files to people, the more people download the more points you get for your free account.


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munna bhai said...

Hii guys.. I know a lot of links on our forum contains rapidshare. And we would all like to access rapidshare through a premium account. So here is a way that is guaranteed to help. Its worked with me.

Follow these steps:
1. Create a paypal PREMIUM Account at this address. It is free;
When asked for credit card details simply say cancel. You do not need to fill it.

2.Then go to the following link;
Join this site. It is also free. You get paid for visiting their ads for 30 seconds(Timer is included). And once 30 seconds have passed, simply go and check your stats and your money will be shown.

3.However you must view that ad for 30 seconds and not see any other ad during that time.

4.Once you have made enough money to have a premium account, simply go and create one. Another thing you can also use paypal money to buy stuff on ebay and other shopping sites.

5. Thats is it. So Simple and I swear it works.

I learnt this from another friend and i thought it will be good for my friends here. So I thought of helping


betoken said...

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whitney said...

By now you might have realised all the above passwords are either fake or already used up. There is however one proven way to get ur Rapidshare Premium account:

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