A Free Method To Publish An iCal Calender

You have an iCal Calender that you want to share but you don't want or have an expensive .Mac account, what do you do? (Hopefully) This tutorial will teach you how to do this so you can share you calenders with other people.

The first step is to set up a calender that you want to share with other people. This (of course) was done with iCal. Click any of the images for full size.

The next step is to go to iCalx and set up a free account. The reasons iCalx is used is it has the WebDAV that is needed to share and run iCal calenders. With out this calender sharing wouldn't work.

iCalx Screenshot
You now need to set up an account, this is a quick and simple process. All you need is an e-mail.

iCalx Create Account
Once you have an account, you now have the ability to upload your calenders to their servers. You are given a URL which you should use.

Now you have the ability to publish you calender, right click and select publish.

iCal Publish CalenderYou now need to enter a name for the calender. Select private server, enter your login name, password and URL.

The URL for a private server is:

The public sever is:

iCal publish calenderOnce as iCal figures it self out and uploads you calender your done. You have uploaded your calender for free with out the need for a .Mac account.

The final step to subscribe to a calender is to go Calender > Subscribe, and enter the URL.

iCal Subscribing to a Calender

You can now share this calender with all your friends family and who ever else.

If you want to download this calender for my blog please use this link.

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