Can A Blog Post Have To Many Labels

iCal Icon June 4thHey

I was wondering about it earlier but can a blog have to many labels to choose from when post. For example check out the image below to the amount of labels I can pick when writing about a post, and this grows every day.

The problems with this is that having to many labels is unnecessary. For example a post on wallpapers could come under:

  • Wallpapers
  • Design
  • Pictures
  • Computer
  • Cool
  • Download
  • Image
  • Widescreen
  • Monitor
So on and so forth.
Originally the idea behind labels was to categorize posts into general areas. This is so existing users can quickly find specific posts. The disadvantage of having so many is that it can be hard to find the exact label a post may have, as well as this later on in the blogs life there may be so many labels that the author misses a category. Problematic if users rely on labels to navigate.

But, there is some advantage of using so many labels. In particular to search engine optimization (SEO). If all downloads have the download label, when a search engine is crawling the site, it will pick up that a post is linked to downloads, reinforcing links and bonds to search engine criteria.

Of course it is up to the blog owner if a post contains a million labels or just two, but there are advantages and disadvantages of both.